Professional Services & Capabilities

Hi-Tech provides the full range of consulting engineering services primarily in Feasibility Studies, Planning, Design, Specifications, Cost Estimates, Preparation of Drawings and Contract Dcouments, Inspections and Reports, Construction Supervision and Management, Socio-Economic Surveys, and other related engineering services for infrastructure facilities.
Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies include the evaluations necessary to establish technical, economical, financial, or institutional feasibility under applicable environmental or social constraints.

Topographic Survey

Surveying helps determine accurately the terrestrial or three-dimensional space position of points and the distances and angles between them using leveling instruments such as theodolites, dumpy levels and clinometers.

Geotechnical and Soil Investigation

Geotechnical Soil Investigations (including soil borings) are performed in order to determine the soil bearing capacity of the soil beneath a future building or roadway. The soil borings are performed by a drill rig and crews utilizing a 140 lb. hammer driving a 2” dia. Split barrel sampler. The sampler is driven 2 feet at a time and the number of blows per foot is recorded by the geotechnical engineer or technician. The soil sample is removed from the sampler and classified or described as to soil type. The geotechnical engineer will determine how many and how deep the soil borings need to be performed based upon the size and loads required by the design engineers.

Socio-Economic Studies

To address discrepancies in effects of environmental impacts on minority racial and economic groups, some regulations, such as the National Environmental Policy Act, require a socio-economic study to be performed before commencement of a development or construction project. Hi-Tech engineering performs socioeconomic studies in planning of a construction project prior to initiating work to avoid future delays and or hinderances to projects.

Schematic, Preliminary and Final Design

Engineering design services include the design, developing and preparation of plans, specifications, and cost estimates for projects. The safe and economical design of special structures demand a proper combination of skills and characteristics such as attention to details, application to state-of-the-art technology, creativity, quality, efficiency and personalized attention to client needs. Environmental impact, energy conservation and the use of innovative construction techniques are combined with the firm's attention to durability, economy and esthetics to manifest excellence in engineering.

Construction Inspection, Supervision and Management

Night Work

Hi-Tech’s fully qualified staff and Inspectors have the experience of working at night on several projects.

Maintenance and Protection of Traffic (MPT) for Transportation Projects

Hi-Tech’s fully qualified staff has experience, both in preparing detailed Maintenance and Protection of Traffic (MPT) plans for design of transportation projects, as well as managing the implementation of traffic maintenance activities on major projects. An important factor for the successful completion of the transportation project is the maintenance and protection of traffic while the work is in progress. Hi-Tech’s team is aware of the MPT requirements for every transportation project, and shall make sure to maintain proper traffic conditions so that the requirements of MPT are in accordance with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.