Quality Assurance

Hi-Tech quality control and quality assurance procedures are documented in our Quality Control Manual, which is distributed to every designer and technician on his or her first day of employment. Some of the key features are outlined below.

  • Documentation

    Computations, assumptions, meeting notes, telephone calls and emails are documented and filed. Significant computations, decisions, and background information are bound within the report appendices. All computations are signed (or initialed) and dated by two individuals: designer and checker. Draft copies of computations, reports and drawings are saved to provide a record of project development. Check prints are signed and dated and back-checked with highlighters and color coded markup (e.g. red for designer, green - drafter, blue highlight - back-check).

  • Communications

    Open and frequent communication among project team members is strongly encouraged. Email is especially beneficial as it can be easily saved and shared. Significant telephone calls are reported using the standard Telephone Call Report. The Project Manager serves as the focal point where communications are sent, saved, and redistributed.

  • Design Coordinations

    The project manager is responsible for ensuring that all disciplines are working with the same updated information. As information that affects other project team member’s changes, the project manager is to be immediately informed.

  • Checking

    All drawings, calculations, and reports are checked and signed by a second party to ensure that the work is accurate and clear.

  • Back-Checking

    Drawing and Report markup is back-checked by the designer after being picked up by drafters or clerks. All markups are highlighted to indicate acceptance, and sheets are signed, dated and saved.

  • Independent Technical Review (ITR)

    On many projects, we provide an independent technical review on each design phase. This review, by senior staff who has not previously been involved in the project, provides an additional level of review for the assumptions, methods, and solutions that led to the current design. ITR reviews are conducted on standard Government forms, showing both the comments and action taken. Both the reviewer and designer sign the form.

  • Managerial Continuity

    Key project team members will remain constant throughout the project, barring unforeseen, unavoidable circumstances. The Team strives to complete projects in a manner that exceeds the client’s requirements and expectations. If a key team member must be replaced, it will be done through consultation with the client.

  • Flexibility

    If during the course of the project the scope needs to change, Hi-Tech will have the capability in house to proceed with the revisions. The quality of the final product will be ensured by the continuous dedication of the management staff. Project Principals are authorized to request modifications to the contract.