Hi-Tech Engineering Projects


Design of new buildings and analysis of existing structures, evaluation of structural adequacy, inspections and reports, investigation of structural failures, rehabilitation and construction supervision services for buildings of all shapes, sizes, and functions such as Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Educational and Residential Facilities.

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(Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Mass Transits and Airports)

Transportation is the backbone of the communities and the lifeline of the economy. Hi-Tech provides design, inspections and construction inspection and supervision services for roads, bridges (suspension, movable, railroad, long-span and short-span), viaducts, tunnels, mass-transit, airports and other transportation infrastructures.

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Water Resources

Hi-Tech carried several water resources projects. This sector assembled expertise over a wide spectrum of disciplines starting from topographic survey, geotechnical, planning & design of irrigation, flood control & drainage systems, dam design, weirs, siphons, super passages, spillways, canals, cost-benefit studies, economic analysis, social studies, environmental studies, contract administration...

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