Hi-Tech Advantage

"Hi-Tech Engineering utilizes coordinated project management to ensure timely completion of projects and work that excels the client's expectations."

Accelerated Scheduling

Should it become necessary to compress the project schedule, Hi-Tech has the ability to excel on fast track projects. We have completed several projects under accelerated schedules in the USA; and Afghanistan.

Familiarity with the Area and Knowledge of Local Conditions

In the United Stated States of America, Hi-Tech's office is located in Valley Stream, New York. Hi-Tech has been providing architectural and engineering services to the New York and New Jersey community for over 16 years.
In Afghanistan, Hi-Tech offices are located in several provinces including Kabul, Baghlan, Faryab, Jalalabad and Mazar-E-Sharif. We are very familiar with the country of Afghanistan and most importantly we have developed a strong awareness of local issues through our interaction with the area residence and business community in every province.

Quality Control Program

We believe that the quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort. The basic responsibility of quality control officer will be to establish and maintain a quality control plan from the inception until the completion of the project.

Our quality control plan will address all required items set for in the RFP. Our Quality Control Program is intended to control the quality aspects of engineering design and construction inspection and management services provided by Hi-Tech. The specific applicability of the requirements of this Program shall be established in contract and project documents. Hi-Tech Quality Control Program describes general procedures to be implemented for compliance with the highest possible quality. It also defines the origination and responsibilities of each with respect to Quality Control/Assurance. Further it provides for the generation of documentation necessary to provide evidence of achievement of quality goals in all phases of the project, primarily in the form of design and surveillance. Hi-Tech personnel shall effectively implement this Program, as a primary commitment, to assure the quality of design and construction. The Principal-in-Charge of the project shall regularly review the status and adequacy of the project quality program. Personnel responsible for project quality activities shall have free access to the Principal-in-Charge to identify quality problems.

Project Quality Management Plan

The following paragraphs describe our internal Project Management Plan, designed and tested to provide error-free design and minimize the review effort of contracting agencies.

  • Management Structure

    The successful completion of any significant engineering project requires an organized structure of professional, technical and administrative expertise. Programming these services into a responsive, integrated team is the responsibility of the Project Manager to provide efficient and effective project development and quality control. Each Project Team member has primary responsibility and accountability for specific project objectives. Senior-level professionals have been assigned to monitor quality of work pertaining to their respective disciplines. These individuals establish minimum performance standards and review design practices to ensure that quality control procedures and appropriate design standards have been followed.

    The principal and associates of Hi-Tech are experienced Project Managers, highly regarded for their creativity, professionalism and ability to undertake a major engineering project from its inception, to design and final implementation phase. Jacob Munir, P.E., the principle of Hi-Tech has more than 37 years of professional engineering experience both in the United States and Afghanistan. Mr. Munir worked for the Ministry of Public Works in Afghanistan from 1974 to 1977. Mr. Munir was involved in the design and construction of several important projects in the City of Kabul for the government of Afghanistan including Presidential Palace, Ministry of Finance (14 story reinforced concrete building), Ministry of Defense (Chelstone Armory) in Darualaman, Ministry of Interior, Central Prison in Pol-E-Charki, and Kabul Museum. He was also in-charge of investigation of structural failures due to earthquake disaster, in the city of Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif, and construction supervision of 169 health clinics funded by UNICEF throughout Afghanistan in 1970s.

  • Sub-consultants Management

    Hi-Tech Team’s management structure treats sub-consultants as part of Hi-Tech Team. The same, documented, quality control procedures are required for every computation, drawing, and report. The Project Manager coordinates the sub-consultant work in the same way as that provided by our own members. This control procedure has served us well and has allowed us to supplement our own capabilities and strengths with those of other quality specialty firms.

Time Constraints

Hi-Tech Team will commit the resources required for each Task Order, from a pool of professionals, architects, engineers, technicians, programmers, and administrators. Our commitment to deliver projects on-time and within-budget has been demonstrated time and again.

Our Team is capable, experienced, and anxious to work with you. They are dedicated to developing a long-term, mutually rewarding experience.

Our Team approach to project management offers flexibility and sensitivity to individual client requirements. Close attention is given to communications between our Project Team members and the Client. The emphasis we place on effective communication has repeatedly demonstrated its value in ongoing relationships with our clients. Such relationships are essential to providing quality consulting services.